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What are my obligations as a tenant?
As a tenant, you must meet the following obligations:

  • Comply with the standards imposed by all state and local housing, health and safety codes.
  • Refrain from and prevent family, friends or guests from damaging the rental premises.
  • Keep the premises safe and sanitary.
  • Keep plumbing fixtures in the dwelling unit as clean as their condition permits.
  • Dispose of all garbage in a safe and sanitary manner.
  • Operate all electrical and plumbing fixtures properly.
  • When the rental agreement requires the landlord to supply appliances, you, the tenant, must keep such appliances in good working order by using them appropriately, keeping them clean and reporting malfunctions for repair.
  • Cause no disturbance and forbid family, friends and guests to disturb your neighbors.
  • Allow your landlord reasonable access (upon 24 hours’ notice) to the premises to inspect, make repairs, or show the property to prospective buyers or renters.  In cases in which you agree, in emergencies, or if the landlord needs to deliver large parcels, 24 hours’ notice is not required.
  • See that controlled substances (such as drugs) are not illegally used on the property.
  • Do not allow sexual predators to occupy the unit if the unit is located within 1,000 feet of a school, preschool or child daycare center.

The tenant cannot change any of these legal duties.